Visiting team locker room arrangements in some stadiums may prevent protocol compliance

In its COVID communications with teams, the NFL seems to be taking the position that, basically, “if you follow the protocols you’ll be fine and if you’re not fine you must not have followed the protocols.” That makes teams uncomfortable, for various reasons.

Beyond the question of whether the protocols are truly good enough to prevent someone who catches the virus away from work from spreading it to others, there’s a concern about the configuration of the visiting-team locker rooms in NFL stadiums.

In some of these stadiums, it’s simply not possible to properly keep players distanced, as one source explained it to PFT. So even if a team otherwise does everything it could or should to prevent transmission among teammates in a confined space, it can still happen in a space like the locker rooms made available to the visiting team.

That’s bad enough standing alone; making it worse is the league’s current default position that, if a team has an outbreak, the team must be at fault. Given the challenges presented by some locker rooms for road teams, that simply may not be the case.